Companionship and Exercise For A Cause

ForFido is at the forefront of charitable innovation by harnessing the love we share for dogs into exercise, friendship and charity donations. Download the ForFido app to search for dog’s or walkers in your area and join the ForFido movement today.

Be active, be healthy

Regular exercise plays a huge part in the health of us and our furry friends. Studies prove that dogs can drastically improve both physical and mental health as well prevent and manage chronic disease.

Donate to the RSPCA

Unlike traditional dog walking platforms, ForFido harnesses the love we share for dogs into donations to Australia's oldest and largest animal welfare organisation, the RSPCA.

Aleviate your schedule

As a society, we're becoming increasingly time poor. With ForFido, you no longer have to feel guilty about spending more time at work and less time with your best pal. Plus, you're giving someone else the opportunity experience the joy that dogs offer...

Find Trusted Walkers

All ForFido accounts are identity verified and you can check out the profiles of users within the app. Users rate one another so that other users can make more informed decisions. Accept a walk request, set up a meet and greet and get active!

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